Strain Availability and Lead Times

Strain availability and lead times

We prioritize freshness while balancing the often shifting needs of brewers. 

Our goal is to maintain ready-to-ship inventory of our popular strains, including but not limited to: Foggy London Ale, Vermont Ale, Hornindal Kveik, Voss Kveik, Old World Saison Blend, Saison Maison, KRISPY, Isar Lager, and Lactobacillus Blend 2.0. 

Many other strains are available on a rotating basis, depending on seasonality and other brewer's requests. You can find current availability on our website. 

We grow yeast using a multi-stage propagation with three quality checks. This means that a batch of yeast from start to finish takes about two weeks. If the yeast you want is sold out, we might already have a batch in the schedule! Contact us to ask about timelines.

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