Homebrew - Cider and Seltzer Nutrients

How do I use Yeast Lightning for my homebrewed cider or seltzer? 

Yeast Lightning will provide all the essential nutrition for your yeast to ferment cider or seltzer, except for bulk nitrogen. You can supply bulk nitrogen to your fermentation with diammonium phosphate (DAP).

For ciders and seltzers, you can use DAP + Yeast Lightning! We have tested this in both ciders and seltzers and found great results. 

For a 20L homebrew batch size of Seltzer, we suggest adding 17g of DAP and 2g of Yeast Lightning. For cider, since there usually is some FAN in there you could cut the DAP to 10g and 2g of Yeast Lightning. Those should be good starting points! 

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